Story of Graspic

We joined Startup Incubator by Tehnopol and Female Founders Pitch Lab accelerator
February 2021
Funding from European Regional Development Fund
December 2020
We launched beta version!
December 2020
We began developing and marketing specialist joined the team
March 2020
Our team grew! System analytic and designer joined us
July 2019
Gerta and Triinu founded Graspic
November 2018
We made it to TOP30 at Ajujaht – biggest business idea competition in Estonia
November 2018

Story of Graspic

Graspic is mobile app founded by two Estonian mothers. Triinu and Gerta did not find a good solution for saving family memories quick and easy.

Although there are many apps for saving pictures, there was not a solution to give pictures stories and ability to find most special moments.

Just like life with kids is fun and fast, we believe collecting and saving memories should be just like that! 

The team

Graspic is like a growing family who is constantly developing through support of each other. It started with two mothers who’s mission is to improve child-parent relations, by supporting them in their parenting journey and encouraging to save most important memories for storytelling! Today we have already 11 team members, who are really dedicated and mission driven. We are taking care of our team as we are taking care of our own family – we value healthy and strong inner relations which leads us to high motivation and achieving our goals!

Triinu Epler

Co-founder, CEO

When Triinu was little, she used to look at the family photo albums for hours together with her mom and dad. After losing her father at a young age, spending time with him this way is still something she holds very close to her heart. In Graspic, she is on a mission to give parents the tools and motivation for collecting family memories to share them with their kids. As a CEO, Triinu is a flexible and fast thinker who likes to get things done. Having previously worked as a consultant for Finnair and Wisecars, she has considerable knowledge in business processes and development. Triinu has three small girls growing at home.


Gerta Sarv

Co-founder, COO

Gerta had her daughter at the beginning of her 20s while life was super busy. Although she valued recording all of the important moments of her firstborn child, she really never succeeded in that. There was always tomorrow or the belief that some moments are impossible to forget. 10 years later, she only has a handful of stories to tell her daughter – the ones she photographed or put down on paper. Having a background in psychology and working with small children, Gerta firmly believes sharing stories unites the family and has a beneficial impact on the children´s well-being. In Graspic, she is responsible for creating solutions that users can really benefit from. Gerta has a son and a daughter.


Juri Mosolainen

IT project manager, system analyst

Liina Paalits

Marketing specialist

Gabe McIntrye

Mentor and gamification expert

Marko Djordjevic

Front-end developer

Zeljko Marenovic

Back-end developer